A 3-year history of Egyptian blogging

Veteran Egyptian blogger Tarek Amr has reached his 3-year anniversary of blogging and stops to reflect on the recent history of the Egyptian blogosphere.  It’s an excellent introduction to some of the more popular Egyptian bloggers in both English and Arabic.  He talks about bloggers’ involvement in the pro-democracy movement Kifaya and tells us who was the first to be jailed for blogging (Abdul Karim Amer).  He also points to the religious blogging scene as well as the more Western-oriented bloggers and notes the different audience bases.

— L.L. Wynn


3 Responses to A 3-year history of Egyptian blogging

  1. I can only imagine the difficulties one must face practicing the fundamental human right of free speech in a police state. I applaud Tarek, and anyone like him, that struggles to throw off the shackles of evil government, and their attempt to silence the human experience.

  2. Tarek says:


    Thanks for linking to my post


  3. […] the rising political power of bloggers in Egypt (something that I’ve already commented on at Khaldoun and Culture […]

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