Israeli Extremism Exposed!

So often the western press presents cases of hate-filled rhetoric from Islamic religious leaders. This article from Al-Ahram (Genocide announced, by Saleh Al-Naami) is a reminder that extremism is not exceptional to Islam or to Arabs. I would never try to equate the crazy ideas presented by Rabbi Yisrael Rosen as representative of those of all Jews, or even of a majority of Jews, and the important point to take from this piece is to also reserve the same level of judiciousness when reading equally reprehensible reports by some Islamic clerics, as views from the extreme margins.

Al-Naami’s argument is that when inflammatory Islamic rhetoric from any public source is identified the western press, and politicians, often report it vigorously, and in a way that suggests that these views are shared by a large proportion of Muslims or Arabs (which they are clearly not). In addition, al-Naami points out that incendiary remarks from a significant public figure like Rosen has received no coverage in the western press. I am not arguing for a “softer” approach to views that call for the destruction of Israel, but only for an equal exposure in the western media of hateful calls for the “destruction” of Palestinians.

This article illustrates two things with clarity. Firstly, extremism can be as Jewish as it is Islamic (and for that matter Christian or Hindu). And secondly, the media bias in the reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is as much about what the press/media ignores as the way that events are reported.

Noah Bassil


5 Responses to Israeli Extremism Exposed!

  1. Raffe says:

    the link appears to be dead, can’t seem to read that article.
    Much of the media is now primarily a commercial enterprise. They’ll do what they can to sell papers and having people feel threatened gets them thirsty for knowledge (just look at the despicable channel that is Fox News). Considering that 62% of Americans support Israel
    (cite: there’s no surprise that the media reports more heavily on an Arab extremist than on (or at all) a Jewish extremist in the same region.

  2. Mark says:

    Equating the statements of one Israeli Rabbi with that of the constant barrage of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic coming from the Palestinian camp is absurd. There will always be religious extremists who you can point to that preach hateful views, unfortunately there are far more documented cases of Muslims doing this than Jews. See for numerous examples.

    However what this article fails to recognise is that while the Israeli government through its media and schools preaches peace and tolerance official Palestinian sources preach violence.

    By pointing to examples of Israeli extremism and in doing so masking the immorality of the Palestinian leadership, you are covering up the problem not solving it

  3. llwynn says:

    Good points, Noah and Raffe. I’m in Cairo and have had reason to think about the difference in media coverage between here and elsewhere. I will try to find time to write about it later, but in the meantime, here’s the correct link for Noah’s post:

  4. Mark says:

    If this isn’t the most outrageos example of extremism, I don’t know what is.

    To deny the Holocaust and use it for propaganda purposes goes beyond extreme political rhetoric.

    This is one of the reaons why Palestinians are in the wrong mind frame to make peace with Israel.

  5. Raffe says:

    I guess they needed something to replace Farfour after his martyrdom.

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