Under the Bombs playing at Sydney Film Festival

The Sydney Film Festival is screening Under the Bombs on 18 and 20 June 2008.

18 June 2008 |   9.00PM |   GU George Street
20 June 2008 |   6.15PM |   GU George Street

Director – Philippe Aractingi; Country – France, United Kingdom

Filmmaker Aractingi was in Beirut during the 2006 Israeli rocket attacks. He shot footage of resulting chaos and following the ceasefire miraculously secured funding to make a feature. Filming on the ruined streets, both improvised and scripted scenes, Aractingi tells the story of a Shi’ite woman searching for her missing son and sister. She finds a Christian taxi driver willing to take her to the far south. As they journey, we see destruction all around, as well as the community’s trauma. Despite the context this is not a political diatribe, but rather an emotional cry against the pain and displacement of a society.

2 Responses to Under the Bombs playing at Sydney Film Festival

  1. Stewart Mills says:

    Here is:

    A background on the director – Philippe Aractingi

    Here is a short clip of the film

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