Caramel showing at Dendys

As posted a while back, Caramel was the opening night movie at this year’s Sydney Arab Film Festival. The film proved so popular that tickets for the night, also Caramel‘s first screening in Australia, sold out. For those who missed the opportunity to see it the first time (or want to see it again!), Dendy’s are showing the film from the 18th of September 2008, with advance screenings on the 12th, 13th and 14th at 1:50pm (Dendy Opera Quays). Information on sessions starting from the 18th will be posted at soon.

From the Dendy’s website, a short description of Caramel:

Caramel was Lebanon’s official submission to the 2007 Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Language Film. It is a deliciously indulgent and intimate account of five women working together in a beauty parlour.

Beautiful Layal is oblivious to the gaze of a local admirer and instead fixates on a married man. Nisrine will soon be married but is afraid her fiancé will discover he isn’t her first lover. Rima has designs on one of her stunning, dark-haired customers. Jamal is an aspiring actress and is refusing to grow old, while ageing Rose is overwhelmed when she discovers true-love for the first time. As the women from different generations share in each others experiences and emotions, the beauty parlour becomes a colourful hub of friendship and wisdom. CARAMEL weaves a delicious tale of life and is as sweet and moreish as its title.

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