International Conference on “Israel/Palestine: One State or Two?”

Call for Papers
International Conference on “Israel/Palestine: One State or Two?”

Paper proposals are requested for an international conference addressing the question of whether a two-state solution or a single constitutional democracy in Israel/Palestine offers the most promising path to future peace and security in the region.

The conference aims to envision in specific terms the likely outcomes of the two state peace process as well as the possible constitutional dimensions of a future single state. Conference speakers will be selected to represent a range of opinion, including proponents of one and two state models for Israel/Palestine. The conference will provide an opportunity to question whether a one state option could ever achieve sufficient political support or adequately protect the rights and security of both national communities. Drawing on the experiences, both successful and otherwise, of other multinational constitutional democracies, the conference will explore the potential of a state shaped by federalism, equal citizenship and respect for linguistic, cultural and religious rights to protect the rights and security of its inhabitants and to serve as a political framework for the amelioration or even resolution of protracted conflicts. Similarly, the capacity of potential two-state solutions to promote democracy, human rights and self-determination will be evaluated. The conference will explore the ways in which multiple models might deal with seemingly refractory issues such as refugees, Jerusalem, and deep-seated and legitimate concerns about security and liberty.

The conference is being planned by legal scholars from York University and Queen’s University but the conference itself is intended to be fully interdisciplinary in nature. The organizers have been assisted by an international advisory committee comprised of distinguished scholars and researchers. The conference aims to include contributions from scholars from disciplines such as law, political science, gender studies, geography, economics, and the arts, among others.

The conference will be held at York University, Toronto, Canada from June 22nd to 24th 2009.

Paper proposals should be no more than 500 words in length and should be submitted along with a biography or CV to by October 15, 2008. Applicants will be contacted by November 30, 2008.

For further information and the conference vision statement, please contact us at the above email address or visit the conference website at

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