Israel: Whose Democracy?

Josef Federman from Associated Press reports  “Israel bans Arab parties from coming elections”

So much for the claim that Israel is the Middle East’s only democracy. One-fifth of Israel’s population are Arabs. There is no evidence that they would all vote for Arab parties but this recent move is clearly designed to deny Arabs a voice of their own in Israeli politics. In this respect, Israel is not that different from Egypt which denies some oppositional political parties from engaging in the electoral process.(you can also read more here at

Anti-War News reports that “Israel indicts Two Journalists for Reporting Start of Gaza Invasion”

Not much room for a free press in Israel either. And the rule of law seems to be an anachronism in Israel as the government and the military have ignored a Supreme Court decision to allow eight foreign journalists into Gaza.

On a related but different matter, I recently received an email which was sent to try and convince me that Israel was a beacon of light in a region of degeneration and primitive tribal conflict (ironic really at this moment that Zionists are making such claims) complete with a photo of Albert Einstein . I am well aware that Albert Einstein was Jewish but also that he was no Zionist and since his death in 1955 Israeli and non-Israeli Zionists have made every effort to attach his name and his legacy to a Jewish only Israel. Other Jewish people have fought to remind people of Einstein’s antipathy to Zionism. Just as a reminder of Einstein’s position on Zionism, at this time of heightened pro-Israeli propaganda, read Albert Einstein’s forewarning of the dangers of Zionism sixty years ago at:

4 Responses to Israel: Whose Democracy?

  1. Raffe says:

    Firstly, there are many well established liberal democracies that ban extremist political parties. Germany for instance bans hate groups such as the Nazi party, as do several other western European countries to varying degrees.

    But the situation in Israel is quite different. First; these parties are not banned they are banned from running for the Knesset, they can still advocate, demonstrate ect. ect. Second; the problem is not that they deny Israel’s right to exist; it’s that their leaders collaborated with the PLO, Hezbollah, Fattah, Syria in a time of war. They provided moral and material aid to the enemy. That is the definition of high treason. If sitting members of congress met with Bin Laden in some village in Pakistani tribal areas in the aftermath of September 11th, they would not only be ejected from congress but would likely be imprisoned for treason.

    You can research for specifics, but here are some examples. 1) Tibi (leader of Hadash) attending the funeral of George Habash, founder and leader of the PFLP a terrorist organization responsible for the death of dozens, likely hundreds of Israelis. 2) Tibi serving as Arafats advisor, including during the second “intifada” 3)Bashara (Balad’s leader) calling on Palestinians to take up arms against the IDF. 4) Bashara meting with Hezboallah leader’s passing along intelligence and advocating use of rockets. 5) Habash visiting Syria’s president during Second Lebanon.

    And there is much more. Check out these links

  2. Raffe says:

    If I may just add one point my original remarks. I do believe that the Supreme Court should overturn this ban and they should be allowed to run. Despite the fact that they are a political party running for a political office, in a country that they refuse to acknowledge its existence, Israel is still a democracy.

  3. mustafa ramadan says:


    Is Israel a Real Democracy ?

    Yes, Israel is a democracy, but only for its Jewish citizens, because the Palestinian Arabs are second class citizens. They are poor miserable strangers on their own land. All the world knows this; the media tells us this, and so do some free respectable Jewish organizations and individuals.

    Question. Can we consider allowing some Palestinian Arabs to run for election and be Knesset members a manifestation of Israeli democracy ? No. It is an example of Israeli propaganda and fake democracy. Why ?

    In the first place, what is the role of a member of parliament, Congress, or Knesset ?
    It is certainly representing their electorate and expressing their anticipations, interests, and complaints. So, the Arab Knesset members are supposed to represent the Palestinian Arabs, not the Jewish Israelis. Quite simple. But Israel wants an Arab KM to act as an Israeli, or rather be more royal than the king. That why they harassed KM Azmi Bishara and Tibi and wanted to send them to Israeli courts or arrest them. That’s why Bishara fled his home in Palestine for good. So Israel’s democracy is flatly false.

    Besides, is harassing Palestinian civilians in Al Quds (Jerusalem), Yaffa (Jaffa), and Al Khalil (Hebron) into leaving their homes and giving them to fundamentalist Jews and settlers a democratic act ? Is cutting down thousands of Palestinian olive trees and demolishing thousands of Palestinian homes democratic ? Is the tall serpent-like concrete FENCE democratic ? Is separating a Palestinian from his grove and field democratic ?

    I won’t talk about the 20 day carnage and destruction in Gaza at the hands of the “courageous” IOF, simply because they have nothing to do with Israeli democracy. They are something else in the eyes of ruthless mindless falsifiers and butchers.


  4. Raffe says:

    The Israeli Supreme Court overturned the election commission’s ruling and the Arab parties are allowed to run.

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