Israel admits: NO Hamas rockets during ceasefire


For 18 days the Israeli Government has justified to the world that their decision to unleash a massive military campaign against the people of Gaza was as a direct result of Hamas’ breach of the ceasefire brokered by the Egyptian Government.

Hamas has always stated that between June 2008 and November 2008 they did not fire a single rocket into Israel.

In a recent interview given to Channel 4 News, the Israeli Government’s official spokesman Mark Ragev finally admitted that Hamas did not break the ceasefire.

So by their own admission the Israeli Government broke the terms of the ceasefire first and in doing so have slaughtered almost 1000 people and injured over 3000, not to mention wantonly destroying the infrastructure of Gaza.

8 Responses to Israel admits: NO Hamas rockets during ceasefire

  1. Raffe says:

    I’d have loved to have seen the rest of that interview.

    Though rockets did fall on Israel (I previously said it was Hamas militants and I apologise for my error) it is the role of Hamas, which you have often pointed out Lisa was democratically elected, to have stopped that from happening. Just as you insist that Israel prosecute settlers that have shot at Palestinian civilians so must Hamas halt all rocket attacks. Failure to do so means that Hamas cannot adequately secure the Gaza strip and therefore the Israeli government must do all it can to secure their civilian population in the South.

    Also, if the attack on Nov. 4th was defensive in nature, then Israel did not violate the truce.

  2. llwynn says:

    That’s completely illogical. Here, let me switch roles but use your same words.

    “Just as you insist that Hamas prosecute those who have shot rockets into Israel, so must Israel maintain better control over its settler population. The fact that they have frequently failed to do so in the past means that Israel cannot adequately secure the settler population in Israel and therefore the Palestinians must do all they can to secure their population in the occupied territories.”

    No state, NO STATE, can prevent every crazy thing its citizens do. It is inconsistent to argue, on the one hand, that one group must prevent all attacks, and the other need only prosecute them after the attacks occur.

    There is no evidence whatsoever that the Nov 4th attack was defensive in nature, other than the words of Israeli officials.

  3. Raffe says:


    Have the men firing those rockets been arrested or charged?

  4. Noah Bassil says:

    Raffe, using your logic wouldn’t have been more effective to have assisted Hamas in policing. What does destroying Hamas do for security- who will act to stop the rocket attacks in the future? Your claim that the Israeli government must do all it can for security- does this mean destroying Gaza, killing hundreds and what by the end will be thousands of people, using illegal chemical armaments? What about negotiation, compromise, arbitration etc as more effective means- wouldn’t it have been strategic to begin with these alternatives rather than a massive military operation against a poorly armed and captured population? Before you reply with: Israel tried, you can’t negotiate with terrorists or Hamas, or any of the other lies the Israeli government and the mainstream media feed us, let me say that if the real goal was the security of the Israeli people then evacuating the West Bank and allowing the formation of Palestinian polity would be far more effective that the butchery and oppression that has become the hallmark of the Israeli relationship with the Palestinian people.

    A couple further points Raffe, in an earlier comment you charged me with false comparisons when i said that events in Gaza bared similarities with Warsaw sixty years ago- yet in your last response you seek to justify the legitimacy of the Israeli decision to ban Arab political parties on the basis that the Nazi party are also banned in Germany- are you saying the Israeli Arab political parties are comparable to the Nazi’s?

    Secondly, you illegitimate the Israeli political parties because of their relations with George Habash and Arafat on the basis they were terrorists- if terrorism denies people a right to participate in electoral politics what do you say about Begin and Sharon to name just two Israeli terrorists who went on lead Israel? The reality as we know is that the victors determine who are terrorists are who is a freedom fighter or a national hero.

    Finally, the responsibility of the Israeli government is not just to police the settlers actions but to remove them from occupied territory, they should not be there at all!

  5. llwynn says:

    Have the Hebron settlers who shot 2 Palestinian men at short range, as documented by B’tselem, been arrested or charged?

    Mind you, Israel actually has a state and the resources of a state to arrest, charge, and put people on trial. Meanwhile Israel has made it impossible for the Palestinians to have such state resources and functionality.

  6. jbayeh says:

    The shift in your argument Raffe, to accommodate the latest piece of news (i.e. that Israel admits that no Hamas rockets were fired during the ceasefire) do nothing but illustrate the fact that this offensive has been, from its inception, immoral and illegal. Your error of wrongly holding Hamas responsible for the rockets was a carefully selected one and used to justify the unjustifiable. If the men firing the rockets into Israel have not been arrested that does not been that Hamas is implicated. Nor does it mean it is permissible to unleash a level of carnage on a civilian population that to date has seen over 1000 killed.

    This current admission by Ragev is exactly like the WMDs that Iraq supposedly had prior to the invasion. As it turned out Iraq didn’t have the arsenal the US said it did but of course no one held the Bush administration accountable for those lies – lies used to justify a war that has killed hundred of thousands Iraqis, crippled economies world wide and devastated an entire generation of people. Like the US, Israel will also not be held to account, as it never has been. Even though you Raffe have, many times on this board, resorted to international law, UN acts and various globally recognised conventions to justify Israel’s wilful slaying of so many Gazans these same laws and conventions, by your (il)logic, do not apply when bringing Israel to justice. Rather, you prefer to shift the argument and the data so that Israel is always innocent and never guilty of war crimes.

  7. mustafa ramadan says:


    The Logic of Tyranny (2)

    Lisa, Noah, Jbayaeh,

    Thank you for your effort and patience to refute the countless repeated claims, excuses, fallacies and falsifications of the Zionists.
    Wrong notions and acts can’t be right, but they can be right only according to Zionist logic.
    For the past 60 years, humanity and the Palestinians have been suffering from and the victims of this ill logic and the injustices and horrible atrocities based on it.
    I believe that the 21st century ordinary man, free thinkers and influential people must do something to stop the daily slaughter of logic, justice and the Palestinians.


  8. Raffe says:


    I do believe that the Israeli’s should withdraw from the settlements and i’ve said so on this board on a number of occasions.

    I was not attempting to paint the Arab parties as akin to the Nazis; rather I was hoping to show you that many countries have bans on political parties the espouse hatred or what happens to violate the various laws of the country.

    I also believe that neither Sharon or Begin should have been allowed to run for office because they had both been indicted by the Israeli justice system.


    You’d have to ask the Israeli police about ongoing investigations or subsequent trials. Whilst Israel does have the resources to prosecute and try; one would hope that had Hamas not spent so much time and effort executing their political rivals they could have prosecuted those responsible and avoided this mess.

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