Dr Jeff Halper to speak at Macquarie University, 20 March, 7pm

Macquarie University Centre for Middle East and North African Studies is proud to present a public lecture by distinguished Israeli academic
Professor Jeff Halper titled:

“Israel’s Demolition of Palestinian Homes: the essence of the conflict”

Friday 20 March 2009,
The Price Theatre, Macquarie University,
7-9 pm

Dr JEFF HALPER is an Israeli academic and peace activist who co-founded the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions (ICAHD, http://www.icahd.org/eng/) in 1997 to challenge and resist the Israeli policy of demolishing Palestinian homes at the risk of his own personal safety.

A tireless writer and speaker, Halper travels extensively to build international support for ICAHD. He was nominated along with Palestinian activist Ghassan Andoni, for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

Dr. Halper is the author of several books including Between Redemption and Revival: the Jewish Yishuv in Jerusalem in the Nineteenth Century; Obstacles to Peace and most recently, An Israeli in Palestine.

Attendance is free and donations for ICAHD will be welcome.
For enquiries: call CMENAS at 02 98508854, or email mecentre@humn.mq.edu.au

5 Responses to Dr Jeff Halper to speak at Macquarie University, 20 March, 7pm

  1. Can you inform me that the lecture is definitely on. I went to Macquarie Uni on the 13th of March for an advertised lecture and there was no one there…

  2. John Tristram says:

    is the lecture definitely on?

  3. jbayeh says:

    John, yes the lecture is definitely on. There is no need to book a seat but if you want a good one you should arrive a bit earlier.

  4. Here is a video of Dr Jeff Halper (taken in 3 May 2007).

    He spoke at Neveh Shalom Synagogue Portland, Oregon.


  5. A related video (February 2009) is by Israeli photographer and activist, Shachaf Polakow.

    His talk promotes the work of nonviolent resistance.

    He provides photos and vivid discriptions of the work of Anarchists Against the Wall, an Israeli organization working in solidarity with Palestinians to oppose the Separation Barrier (Wall, fence and matrix of control) and to bring an end to the Israeli occupation.

    Very compelling.


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