Palestine coverage through 08 July 08

July 8, 2008

After a long hiatus, Khaldoun returns to compiling sets of articles from the international English-language media coverage of the current situation in Israel/Palestine. The coverage of the last few days ranges from the fate of the truce in Gaza, to prisoner exchanges with Hezbollah, to Israeli collective punishment against the Palestinian citizens of East Jerusalem.

In addition, as Israel approaches a hot political season of its own, with the Olmert government teetering, there is some good analysis of the reasons why none of the potential candidates in the Israeli arena are capable of promising anything like a way out of the impasse in which Israel finds itself. None is willing to take the foundational step necessary for peace — dismantling the settlements — and as a result will continue the diversionary tactics of the last decade or so of Israeli politics — peripheral wars and skirmishes, threats against Iran and the like.

The ordeal of Mohammed Omer — the prize-winning Gazan journalist who was returning home after accepting an award in Europe — at the Allenby Bridge, described by Gideon Levy, is a poignant reminder of the daily humiliation and abuse that Israeli policy continues to impose. And oh yes, the Palestinian Authority continues to teeter in its own right while Israel makes repeated incursions in the West Bank (where, among other things, a girls’ school and a medical centre were raided and shut down by the Israelis today). Read the rest of this entry »


Palestine coverage through 23 Feb 08

February 24, 2008

Today’s news roundup begins with the grim tally of Palestinians killed and injured by the most recent rounds of Israeli strikes within their territories. The story of the Japanese translator shot in the eye by the IDF as he observed a nonviolent protest of the Wall at Bilin is especially typical of the senseless brutality of life day-in, day-out under Israeli occupation. It is also representative of the stories that are never picked up from the wires in the mainstream press because they might suggest to English-speaking audiences that Palestinians are engaging in nonviolent resistance.

Additional pieces that reflect the daily struggle to survive under occupation include news of the extension of the Israeli closure of all Palestinian representation in East Jerusalem as well as the denial of 94% of all requested permits to build in the West Bank and East Jerusalem submitted by Palestinians even as settlement activity to create Israeli facts on the ground in occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank goes forward. Read the rest of this entry »